Over the years Handing House has acquired a number of artworks, which we display throughout the house. However our Lobby – recently renovated but with blank walls – needed some attention. We did our research, carried out studio visits, and finally handpicked a select range of prints from Stoney Road Press to create a gallery wall. Read about our new artists below!

Kelly, based in West Cork, created a series of paintings while on a trip to Antartica in 2013. Remarkably, nearly all of the paintings were created “en plein air” in the freezing conditions. We love the colours of the two Iceberg prints we chose for our gallery wall. Beneath the grey of the sea, there is a layer of orange that subtly shines through, giving a sense of warmth to the coolness of the ocean.

These prints have an amazing story. Lundy carried out an exploration the history of a number of psychiatric patients from Bethlem Royal Hospital in London during the 1800’s. The word ‘bedlam’ was derived from the hospital’s prior nickname, which it acquired around the 14th century, for its infamously inhumane treatment of patients (including torture, neglect and putting patients on public display for profit). These artworks are based on photographs of two patients from Bethlem before their medical treatments – ‘William’ & ‘Harriet’. William faces the reception desk, and the receptionists like to tell stories of him coming out to haunt our guests…

Cross’s best known public work is Ghost Ship, where she painted a de-commissioned lightship with phosphorous paint and moored it in Dublin Bay, where it glowed at night for several weeks in the winter of 1999. Cross made this print of her famous ship in 2011. The image absorbs light during the day and releases it slowly as a phosphorescent glow during the night. The placement of this piece was very important to us. We decided to display the Ghostship alone as it is such a significant piece. We hung it in the lobby directly in front of our sea view. When viewing the piece you can simultaneously look out and see the exact spot in Dublin Bay where the original Ghostship was moored in the 90’s.

Duffy collaborated on a limited edition book ‘At Sixes and Sevens’ with poet Paul Muldoon, published by Stoney Road Press. The book contains eight original etchings by Duffy – two of which we chose for our gallery wall. The prints are intensely personal and delicate. We loved them for overtones of the surreal and magic realism, they need to be viewed in person to appreciate the exquisite craftmanship of her work.

Our quirkiest & favourite piece. Part of a series entitled “Snail Chronicles”, Maher works together with snails to create something truly unpredictable. The print shows a person dreaming while asleep in bed. The dream is depicted above the bed in ink-stained snail trails. Maher sets the snails in motion, so to speak, but does not determine the patterns they will make – she is allowing the snails to determine the composition. She collected the snails from Dublin gardens and hedgerows & looked after them in her studio while they painted for her at night ~ Amazing!

Painter, sculptor and print-maker, Delargy has exhibited nationally and internationally. He has been shown in major art cities of the world including MOMA San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York. Drawing inspiration from Picasso and the Surrealists, with references to classical drawing, this piece really stood out to us when we went to view it. It’s the kind of piece where you see something new every time you look at it.


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